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Finally a service worthy of you!

Specialized in: Professional customized facials. Finally a service worthy of you!

Require Gluten free skincare? Don't worry! I specialize in that to!

Do you love your skin? Or wish you could? I can teach you the education and care your skin craves! If you love your skin already, I can help you maintain it and give you variety so that your skin stays radiant and glowing! Everyone has the potential for beautiful skin! You just need the right care, products and direction to make it happen.

Need Gluten Free Skincare? Do you have a wheat allergy or are you a Celiac? We have products specially for you. I have done my research and found a line that I am confident in and that I can use on my own skin as well as a clients special skin requirements (I myself am a newly diagnosed Celiac). Skincare for a Celiac is not a commonly promoted issue that is normally discussed in the Celiac community, but it is my personal believe that any product you put in and around your eyes, mouth and hands can make it into your body. I have personally taken on this belief as a lifestyle choice and am offering to anyone else who is interested.

All the products I use either gluten free or not (I carry both) I strongly believe in. I love skincare and want to share what I have learned over the years to anyone willing to listen! I want you to love your skin and be proud to show it off to the world.

Please take a look around my site and I hope that I can and will inspire you to want to make your skin a priority, because lots of people take it for granted until its to late! You will never be able to reverse all the damage that may have been preventable and I am sure you don't want to wait until its to late.

Please note that this is a professional service only, and I will not tolerate or accommodate any behaviour that is inappropriate or that may damage my spa, myself or my clients reputation, health or standards.

Please remember to take a look on the menu tab to see my services and their description. Thank you for viewing my site!